Venezia July 2017

It's all about what it is. In front of the giardini in Venice there was this lovely yacht. I was simply amazed at the reflections on the anchor. Because I had the selfiestick on my phone I managed that the sound did not work. But this failure makes the medium audible. It's a different information as we are used to. But what about the title? Well, I didn't know what an "Anchorman" is. I googled for it. It's the guy introducing the news on television. But here it isn't about information. The audio reveals the maschine or medium I recorded this video. I made it just because of the nice reflection. No other explanation seems striking or needed. Maybe it's my comment on commenting art or even this video. Even this text is something we don't need that much. I prefer the beauty and maybe this short videofilm is only about that. And after all I prefer thinking about the medium too. Just listen.